Thoughts on Direct Democracy

I don’t like bureaucrats in Brussels making decisions that affect my life.

For that matter, I don’t like Westminster MPs making decisions that affect my life.

But you know who I really, REALLY don’t want making decisions that affect my life?

The general public of Britain and the Commonwealth nations.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Direct Democracy

  1. Jerry Brown

    Well, unless you are the Emperor of the World, someone else is going to be making decisions that affect your life and the lives of everyone else. Until you attain that title, how would you like decisions to be made? Don’t you think that there is some benefit in allowing the people who form a nation to determine the course of that nation? Or even if, in your opinion, there is no benefit, isn’t there a right for people to have a say about things done in their name as members of that nation?

  2. Nell

    Sorry the results of the referendum went against your vote. My impression is that quite a few people (particularly the less well off) felt the same way as you do about people making decisions about their lives and acted accordingly.
    And please don’t abandon your interest in politics and economics. A philosophical approach is very enlightening and I have enjoyed reading your blog. Even held a discussion group on NAIRU based on your blog post a couple of months ago. I understand your frustration – but it really is going to be a long game. We are fighting 30 years of neoliberal indoctrination. Things will change, well they are changing – just not predictably.


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